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Filipina Stationery Set

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Filipino Stationery Set includes the following:
  • 4x6 Proud Pinay Notepad
  • Vintage Thin Washi Tape
  • 10 Mini Heart Paper Clips
  • 1 .5mm Medium Point Black Ink Pen
  • 1 Mie Makes Sticker
The Proud Pinay stationery set is unique and inspiring. It is a great tool for writing down ideas, creating lists, planning your day, and jotting important things to remember. The paper material is thick and will not bleed through papers when using average pens and regular markers.

The notepad features are the following: Dimension is 4X6 50 paper pages Made out of 70 Ib. paper Glued top edge for easy tearaway The backing is cardboard The stationery set will be packed in a bubble mailer for durability and protection. Tracking will be provided with this order.